Dmitrii Murashev
Dmitrii Murashev

Hi, my name is Dmitrii Murashev. I live with my family in Cedar Park, TX since February 2023.

I am an experienced QA Engineer, currently working remotely for a company based in San Francisco, CA. However, alongside my current job, I am actively searching for new employment opportunities as a Software QA Engineer.
My QA profile can be found on LinkedIn, as well as on other job search websites such as,, and
I am active and have a presence on both Facebook and Instagram.

I am deeply passionate about various hobbies, including listening to music, exploring both fiction and non-fiction literature, engaging in chess and Texas hold'em, and, of course, coding. Balancing and nurturing these diverse interests can prove challenging, particularly given the substantial time and dedication each one demands. As a result, I frequently find myself making sacrifices and prioritizing certain activities over others to accommodate my pursuits.

Me as a Software QA Engineer

My websites

Since 1998, I have been managing multiple websites created using web technologies like PHP, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CSS and database MySQL. I personally developed both DM's Beatles site and DM's opera site. Additionally, since 2001, I have been operating one of the most widely recognized Beatles forums, where fans from around the globe come together to discuss their favorite band as well as other bands and topics. DM's Beatles forums provide a platform where individuals can discover new friends and engage in conversations about various topics. It serves as a welcoming community where members can freely discuss anything that interests them. I would be delighted if you could also become a part of our community and make new friends!

Opera music ~ this my website offers a comprehensive collection of composers, operas, and libretti in multiple languages. You can explore a wide range of works from various composers and access detailed information about operas and their accompanying libretti. In addition, for select pieces, I provide line-by-line translations, enabling a deeper understanding and appreciation of the lyrical content. Whether you are a seasoned opera enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this website aims to provide valuable resources and linguistic support to enhance your opera experience.

The Beatles ~ website offers a comprehensive and detailed experience for The Beatles fans. It provides a comprehensive discography of The Beatles, allowing you to explore their extensive catalog of music. You can also find a complete song index with lyrics, enabling you to sing along or delve into the meaning behind the lyrics.

For those interested in the history of The Beatles, the website provides a detailed and illustrated history of the band. You can learn about their journey, milestones, and the evolution of their music over the years. Additionally, it offers a vast collection of hundreds of pictures, giving you a visual glimpse into their lives and performances.

To expand your Beatles knowledge further, it features a filmography section where you can explore their appearances in movies, documentaries, and other visual media.

Furthermore, my website hosts a forum and chat platform, serving as a community hub for Beatles fans to connect, engage in discussions, and share their love for the band. It's a space where you can meet fellow enthusiasts, exchange thoughts, and discover new insights about The Beatles.

To provide a more comprehensive experience, it also provides links to other sites and resources related to The Beatles, allowing you to explore further and deepen your understanding of the band's impact and legacy.

In summary, my website aims to offer a one-stop destination for Beatles fans, featuring a comprehensive discography, complete song index with lyrics, detailed illustrated history, a rich collection of pictures, filmography, a vibrant forum and chat platform, as well as curated links to other Beatles-related sites and resources.

The Beatles forums ~ DM's Beatles forums have gained popularity as a hub for discussing not only The Beatles but also other artists. It provides a space where members can engage in conversations about various topics and connect with like-minded individuals, allowing them to forge new friendships. The forums encourage an open and inclusive environment where members are free to discuss anything that interests them.